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    GGRock was founded in June 2015, when team leader Sacrilege learned about Gigantic and was immediately interested in becoming part of its then-small community.

    Since then we've grown quickly, allowing fellow players to see a wealth of game information, and having some of the best Gigantic players writing guides for the community to learn from. We've always got new features in development, too — such as a full-fledged gallery.

    Damien “Sacrilege” King

    Lead Designer, Lead Developer June 2015 — present

    With more than 18 years of web development experience under his belt, rumor has it that Damien has lines of code running through his veins instead of blood. Prior to GGRock he built and maintained Dawnbase, the number one website for the late MOBA Infinite Crisis, and hopes to continue that trend with GGRock and Gigantic.

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  • @meetdamien
  • damienking.com

  • Kristina “Zasabeth” King

    Quality Assurance June 2015 — present

    Being married to the workaholic boss of GGRock, Kristina has to deal with trying to keep him sane on a daily basis, propping him up with the occasional drive-through meal just to drag him away from the computer for a short time. She helps test all of the functionality of the site before they go live to the public, so if something is broken, blame her. (Just kidding)

  • Zasabeth
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  • Melody

    Canine Companion June 2015 — present

    “ Woof, woof! ”

  • Bacon treats are the best!
  • I call shotgun!
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  • Staff Vacancies

    Want to be part of the GGRock team? If you're passionate about Gigantic, bursting with creative juices, and want to raise your profile both professionally and within the Gigantic community, then you're in the right place.

    Sorry, we have no open positions right now.

    We'll consider partnerships with high quality streamers, artists, and editorial journalists as opportunities arise. If you feel that you're exceptional and truly belong as part of GGRock, tweet @GGROCKcom and tell us why!