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    Don't Focus Me Mozu

    A Mozu guide by Xzapo
    Last updated: 1 year ago

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    Wand Mastery
    at level 3
    at level 5
    at level 7
    Hero's Might
    at level 9

    Level 2 Arcane Guidance

    Magic Bolt acquires and tracks enemies more easily.

    Level 3 Cantrip of Disruption

    Slight delay before casting, interrupts on start. Deals 10x damage.

    Level 4 Temporal Discontinuity

    When you use Dimension Door, all your other skills recharge.

    Level 5 Run and Hit

    After using Dimension Door, Magic Bolt powers up instantly.

    Level 6 Feedback

    If you interrupt an attack, deal 150 extra damage and reduce cooldown. (-3s)

    Level 7 Open to Offense

    After teleporting, you deal 25% more damage for 5s.

    Level 8 Induction Field

    Range increased. On creation, pull one nearby foe into the Vortex. (+5s cooldown)

    Level 9 Confusion

    Enemies that exit your Vortex become Dazed for 1s.

    Level 10 Nigh Invulnerable

    You take 90% less damage while performing Death Ray.

    Mozu is a very simple yet fun character to play, she holds a few tricks up her sleeves that she can always pull out from time to time and just so happens to be one of my favorite heroes in Gigantic to play. She is a very simple and easy character to pick up and play but when played correctly can be an extremely strong asset to your team, or if played badly the biggest face roll head bashing "WHY IS SHE ON MY TEAM!?" character. A few things to note...


    • High damage
    • Focus is extremely strong and easy to build up
    • Great at dealing wound damage


    • Extremely squishy 
    • Require good positioning
    • No burst damage (all damage requires a build up)

    Although Mozu is pretty even in pros and cons her cons really can out weigh her pros if she is played poorly. Like I mention she is extremely squishy and requires really good positioning, especially since she is a mid range character and to get the most out of her damage you have to be fairly close to the fight. 


    Lets talk about my upgrade decisions, at level 1 I will always take Arcane Guidance this makes Mozu's LMB (auto attacks) track enemies easier her LMB by default has this very slightly but with this upgrade it makes her LMB very easy to land. Next I will look at her RMB and upgrade for that sweet interrupt Cantrip of Disruption this may add a slight delay before the ability goes off but the damage is much better and the interrupt is extremely good. Next I will quickly grab the skill reset on Dimension Door  by grabbing Temporal Discontinuity this will give you a slight damage boost and an awesome combo later on into the game. I highly suggest to pick these three skill upgrades first (I recommend that order but it's not necessary). By level 5  I will usually follow up with Run and Hit this upgrade will make a really good engage with your E (Dimension Door) and also works great for 1v1 fights, just not that after you use E you immediately have to follow up with LMB to get the instant charge any type of delay will make you miss your moment of opportunity. Next I will go for I will grab Open To Offense which will give a 25% damage increase for a short time after using Dimension Door (E) this matched with Run and Hit makes for a great damage boost. At level 7 I will grab Feedback this will give another slight damage increase to your RMB and also reduce the cool down for landing an interrupt.

    In terms of upgrading Arcane Vortex I will always make this my last ability to upgrade along with Death Ray (our Focus ability) the reasoning for this is because  Arcane Vortex is a fairly simple skill that deflects enemy projectiles and will be useful through out the game with out many upgrades. For the most part I will always go the upgrade path I show above because I tend to find the most success with this build if I am feeling heavy pressure from an assassin. Going Induction Field + Confusion will allow you to pull an assassin away from you and daze them giving you a moment to do a few things (I will explain below). But if you feel like you aren't feeling pressure from an assassin this late in the game I would go with this upgrades to help support the team and create a good line of defense in team fights or 1v1's verses other range heroes. Reverse Polarity + Your Choice.


    Mozu's positioning is the key to her success in team fights you want to find her sweet spot were she will deal the most damage (by being close enough) but in a good spot not to get picked off. First off we will talk about Mozu in team fights, like I said your going to want to have good positioning being close to the fight but not to close to get maximum damage. For the most part this is what a team fight will be like for you. 

    A good thing to do is when walking into a fight from around a corner start charging your LMB 

    Skill Priority Order

    Highest > Second Highest > Medium > Lowest

    Mozu's Death Ray [F] is a super strong focus ability that deals a ton of damage to single target or multiple targets, I suggest using it when you have 2 or more focus built up!

    Team Fight  

    Magic Bolt [LMB] (spam and focus squishy targets) > Attractor Beam [RMB] (ONLY to interrupt or slow a target running away!) >  Arcane Vortex [Q] (if your feeling pressure from a range carry) > Dimension Door [E] (This is your escape and your chase always keep that in mind, if you feel your team is going to win the fight don't be afraid to use Dimension Door to get the damage boost!)

    1 v 1

    Magic Bolt [LMB] > Attractor Beam [RMB] (ONLY to interrupt for the damage boost or to slow the target from running away) > Dimension Door [E] (you will want to use this kite around a melee target and to get the damage boost!) > Arcane Vortex [Q] (depending on the upgrade path you will want to use your Q to keep melee heroes away from you, or if you went the other path to deflect projectiles from range heroes)


    1v1 Melee Combo

    Magic Bolt your going to want to use this to engage or if they are coming at you -> Attractor Beam look for the skills that are easy to interrupt, make sure to use the whole skill to keep them slowed until they close the gap -> Dimension Door [E] when the person closes the gap then hit them with the instant charged Magic Bolt [LMB] look for another opportunity to interrupt again with Attractor Beam because that will be off cool down due to Temporal Discontinuity  -> Arcane Vortex [Q] only if you have Induction Field to pull the player away from you once again when they close the gap 

    If done correctly the target should basically be dead or running by the time they try and reach you after Dimension Door [E]

    Easy Skills To Interrupt

    • Margrave: Frenzy (Channeled Skill deflects projectiles)
    • Tripp: Electric Slide 
    • Tyto: Swoop, and Blade Dance
    • Xenobia: Gaze Of Envy (Auto Attack)
    • Vadasi: Ray of Judgment (Auto Attack)

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