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    The Only Tyto Guide You Need

    A Tyto the swift guide by IamChronos
    Last updated: 1 year ago

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    En Garde
    at level 3
    Bird of Prey
    at level 5
    Pure Escapism
    at level 7
    Hero's Might
    at level 9

    Level 2 Swoop de Loop

    You can use Swoop twice in a row. You no longer attack on landing.

    Level 3 Pounce

    On hit, Fang deals 200 armor-ignoring damage.

    Level 4 Gnawing Out

    On hit, Fang breaks target's armor. (6s)

    Level 5 Kith and Keen

    Hits build crit chance and focus faster.

    Level 6 Synchronicity

    You move farther and hit harder after using Fang.

    Level 7 Shake It Off

    Swoop can be used to break free from being stunned or launched.

    Level 8 Cyclone

    Radius you hit is 50% larger. Deals more damage.

    Level 9 Burden of Prey

    Applies Cripple to enemies hit. (Slow + Grounded)

    Level 10 Resurgence

    On use, you regain stamina.

    This build reflects highly on having large mobility through out the whole game. The reason I take Swoop de Loop first is to allow me to get to other areas of the map quickly and safely. I could not tell you how many times I have gotten away with 1 hp at  level 3 with Swoop de Loop. I generally take pounce next because of how much raw damage it can give you throughout the whole game. This is definitely a great ability to level 2nd and 3rd to give yourself a nice baseline of attack and jump out. So at about level 4, you should be looking to do large damage with your e, q and then jump out with your RMB. Do not engage with this skill. All it will do is get you killed. Unless you see practically no one alive on their team and they are low for a chase, of course use it. But if you are in a team fight or a 1v1, Keep RMB to escape. After this point, it's great to have your auto attacks to start hurting more, so generally speaking upgrading LMB is the best option. Take Kith and Sync to maximize your damage potential and to start hurting like hell. This is the fun part. Your q becomes a team fight dream and does so much utility with Burden of Prey. At Level 8, you will notice your damage to not be so amazing as it once was as team fights become more of a regular thing, but fear not! Tyto late game becomes a traditional assassin as the same mechanics in Smite or League or Dota, you want to keep a buffer distance and wait for low targets to strike with your e, LMBonce, q, f, RMB out or chase them down with your mobility. This combo will keep you safe and allow you to do your maximum output damage as using e, lmb gives you a small gap closer and allows you to get your q on as many people as possible. then you use f to do damage and run towards your team to avoid taking unnecessary damage. If you need to escape faster use RMB and you can use f to re-engage if you see your team winning the fight. It is now level 9 and 10, You continue to follow the level 7 and 8 guide until the end. Rinse and repeat.  

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    — 2:09 PM, March 19, 20161 year ago

    Will be updating the guide as the week goes by. 

    — 1:47 PM, March 19, 20161 year ago