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    Mozu's Very Simple But Effective Guide to winning

    A Mozu guide by UnerringCap
    Last updated: 1 year ago

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    at level 3
    Wand Mastery
    at level 5
    at level 7
    Hero's Might
    at level 9

    Level 2 Run and Hit

    After using Dimension Door, Magic Bolt powers up instantly.

    Level 3 Arcane Guidance

    Magic Bolt acquires and tracks enemies more easily.

    Level 4 Channel Selector

    Fires Magic Bolts while using Attractor Beam.

    Level 5 Drawn to Life

    Attractor Beam's slow is 2x as effective against targets below 33% health.

    Level 6 Reverse Polarity

    Your Vortex reflects enemy projectiles.

    Level 7 True Strike

    Magic Bolts that hit your Vortex redirect toward enemies.

    Level 8 Nigh Invulnerable

    You take 90% less damage while performing Death Ray.

    Level 9 Temporal Discontinuity

    When you use Dimension Door, all your other skills recharge.

    Level 10 Open to Offense

    After teleporting, you deal 25% more damage for 5s.

    Mozu is a Very Strong Damage She Deals damage Fast as long as his Magic bolt is charged Just stay at the Backline She is a fast and fluent to use and fun to.

    Tips: Always use LMB(Magic bolt) when fighting 

              Dont use Attractor beam to deal damage as it is only used to follow up if the enemy tries to escape or use a charging                 skill as it interrups them and slow's them.

              Always spam Your Vortex as it is very very usefull in team fights use it aligned to the enemy range hitter as it blocks all               ranged attacks and reflects back to the enemy if true strike is learned already.

              Do not use Dimension door for escaping BUT IT CAN BE USED IF THERE ARE NO ALIVE ASSASSINS IN THE ENEMY                   TEAM as Dimension door is your only means of escape if you don't have this skill up and your'e being chased by an                   enemy like Tripp or Tyto probably 100% chance your'e DEAD. Only use it when your'e in the backline and an assassin or               heavy damager appears in front of you or your'e in a bad situation and going to die as dimension door covers up lots of             space when it is used.

              Always use Your focus skill to finish of a dying enemy as it ensures a kill and power to the guardian do not use your                     focus skill to damage them only use it to finish a dying enemy.


             Pros: -Very capable of wiping enemy health bar in seconds if they take magic bolt's full damage

                       -Has an interrupting skill and slow that is usefull in chasing enemy's and deals high damage thanks to Channel selector

                       -Has a sheild that lets your attacks pass through and deflects and reflects enemys attacks and deals damage to them

              Cons: - Has only one means of escaping and when its on cooldown you are probably dead when being chased

                         - takes about a second to wipe the enemy's health bar because LMB needs to charge

                 There is a new update where Arcane Guidance and Omega bolt are in a seperate tree i suggest if your'e good at aiming get omega bolt and if your'e bad or decent get Arcane Guidance but if your'e experienced at FPS and aiming get Omega bolt as it has more damage potential :)

               And thats about it everything you need to know to win as Mozu Goodluck and see you in the game.

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