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    Tripp is super strong

    A Tripp guide by Tripp is life
    Last updated: 4 months ago

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    at level 3

    at level 5

    at level 7

    at level 9

    Level 2 Marked for Death

    Plasma Blades > Lightning Strikes for bonus damage. (Hit same target within 5s.)

    Level 3 Shattering Blades

    Plasma Blades > Lightning Strikes breaks armor. (4s)

    Level 4 Heel Blade

    Kick: Hitting raises crit chance to 100%.

    Level 5 Chain Lightning

    Kick attacks twice. (50% damage for second hit.)

    Level 6 Shocking Blades

    From stealth, Lightning Strikes interrupts, deals bonus damage and always crits.

    Level 7 Unseen Strike

    From stealth, inflict Bleeding on foes below 50% health.

    Level 8 Starburst

    On use, dazes nearby foes for 2s. (Flashdance takes longer to start.)

    Level 9 Electrical Storm

    On use, creates a damaging electrical area. (Lasts 3s)

    Level 10 In The Zone

    On hit, raise your crit chance to 100%.

    So I like to use this build when playing solo or in a group. The main reason as to why I use this is because it is unbelievably strong in time fights. This build is mainly for in the fight Tripp players. The combo I like to use on this build is to apply death mark which allows me to deal 25% more damage to that target and it also completely breaks armor (really strong on margrave), and then I use my heel kick, go invisible which deals 200 damage alone because of electrical storm, then I hit them for 100% crit chance and to stun them. This combo can stack up to 1200 damage on one target without them being able to move. I also forgot to mention that if you don't kill a target or if someone is escaping you can just use your ult and another thing I didn't mention is that when you go invisible you blind enemies so they cant see. The last thing that I need to say is not to be afraid to go invisible if you think you might die. 

    Here are a list of characters to be scared of and to try to kill.

    Enemies you want to kill:

    Beckett: You will out damage her before she can kill you (go invis and she cant see you and then assassinate her)

    Grimelsa: Cant contend with the damage you deal fast enough

    Imani: If you sneak up behind her you can kill her very fast

    Mozu: Has very little health and cant out damage you 

    Margrave: BE SMART..... Throw deathmark to rid of armor and do 25% more damage and heel kick go invis and kill

    Tyto: You completely melt Tyto because in a 1v1 he cant contend with your damage, you can kill him in one combo

    Uncle Sven: He's a healer so he is really easy to kill

    Vadasi: Same as uncle Sven

    Voden: Just sneak up behind him to kill him in one combo 

    Wu: Use same combo as you would to the Margrave, except Wu can kill you if unlucky

    Hk-206- Same as Margrave except go Invis first to stun then deathmark then heel kick instead

    Enemies to be afraid of:

    Charnok: Currently Charnok is broken damage wise and will shred you so fast

    Xenobia: Will slow you so you can barely move and stun you forever and just kill you without being able to touch her

    Lord Knossos: You would think that  he would be the same as Margrave but he does way to much damage to contend

    Aisling: Her knight will shred you... thats all I have to say, maybe you can get her if in a team fight and she is distracted

    Well hopefully that list will help you fight the various characters in the game. The people you shouldn't fight are really cancer to be completely honest, I put them there for a reason. If you're wondering why Tripp isn't up there it is because Tripp is really easy to counter as Tripp just because of your stuns, she can do the same to you though, whoever lands stun first will win. 

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    so.. whats the first skill to grab?

    — 3:05 AM, December 18, 20164 months ago

    Or if you think anything should be changed

    — 1:40 PM, December 12, 20164 months ago

    If anybody finds this build helpful please write a comment

    — 1:39 PM, December 12, 20164 months ago