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    Attack: 5/10
    Defense: 6/10
    Mobility: 3/10
    Utility: 8/10

    Aisling promised to make her father proud, and Sir Cador promised to always protect his daughter. Even Cador's death could not break such promises. — Lord Protector Yath, House Aurion


    Melee attack combo.

    Father's Lessons: Slash now deals +15% damage to foes recently struck by Sir Cador.
    Father's Flame: You deal more damage to Burning enemies.
    Father's Reproof: Weakens enemies with each hit. (-5% damage, stacks up to 5 times)

    Spectral Wave: HOLD: Send out a Spectral Wave projectile. You no longer perform a melee attack.
    Spectral Might: Allies hit by Spectral Wave gain +25% damage. (5s)
    Spectral Defense: Allies hit by Spectral Wave gain +20 armor. (5s)
    Cador's Command

    Summon or direct Cador. Cador has a 300 HP shield. (Absorbs 75% of incoming damage.)

    Cador's Charge: Cador performs a powerful melee attack. (Once every 7s)
    Fast Recharge: Cador performs his power attack more often. (Once every 3s)
    Burning Blade: Cador's Charge inflicts burning. (3s)

    Cador's Defenses: Allies near Cador gain +10 armor.
    Cador's Might: Allies near Cador deal +15% damage.
    Cador's Restoration: Allies near Cador gain 30 HP/s.
    Q Cador's War Cry

    Cador interrupts nearby enemies.

    Chastise: Cador's War Cry slows enemies. (3s)
    Dread: Cador's War Cry immobilizes enemies for 1.5s. No longer slows.
    Intimidation: Cador's War Cry inflicts Weakness. (3s)

    Spectral Barrier: Cador creates a projectile barrier (3s). No longer interrupts.
    Spectral Armor: Allies inside the Spectral Barrier have +20 armor.
    Spectral Lens: Allies inside the Spectral Barrier have 100% crit chance.
    E Into The Blade

    Renews Cador's shield. HOLD: Cador heals you for 100 HP and enters your sword. (+30% damage, +10 armor.)

    Swift Return: HOLD: You gain +25% move speed for 4s. You also gain 10 stamina on use.
    Ephemeral Sprint: HOLD: Into The Blade hides your presence. Invisibility (4s)
    Ardent Blade: HOLD: Aisling gains +25% damage for 4s.

    Shielding Presence: HOLD: You gain a 300 HP shield for 4s.
    Aura of Healing: HOLD: Cador heals you and nearby allies.
    Pure of Spirit: HOLD: You and nearby allies gain debuff immunity for 4s.
    F Terrify

    Enemies near you and Cador are launched, slowed, and weakened. (4/6/8s)

    Nigh Invulnerable: You take 90% less damage while performing [F].

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Aisling Skins

    Time of Mourning TBD
    Noble TBD

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