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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 8/10
    Defense: 10/10
    Mobility: 1/10
    Utility: 3/10

    Subject HK-206 scored 94 on the ballistics assessment and withstood the test-to-failure battery with no function loss. Overall trial grade is "incomplete," however, because subject destroyed the obstacle course barrier and hasn't been seen since... — Field notes, trial #88-34

    Bullet Barrage

    Hold down to fire a constant stream of bullets.

    Recoil Dampener: Increased accuracy and fire rate.
    Ballistic Accelerator: WHILE FORTIFIED: Now does full damage regardless of range.
    High Caliber Rounds: WHILE FORTIFIED: Deal more damage at close range.

    Piercing Shots: Your shots pierce enemies.
    Impeding Fire: WHILE FORTIFIED: On hit, slows foes. (1s)
    Debilitating Rounds: WHILE FORTIFIED: On hit, weakens foes. (1s duration, 10% dmg reduction)
    Rail Gun

    Shoot a powerful energy blast. Hold down to give the blast extra power.

    Charged Rounds: You can now charge your shots for increased damage.
    Armor Piercing: Charged shots pierce through enemies and interrupt on hit.
    Parallel Outputs: WHILE FORTIFIED: Fire your chestgun while charging.

    Hand Cannon: Replaces your Rail Gun with a Cannon, fires a short range explosive round.
    Dazed and Confused: Dazes enemies on impact. (50% damage)
    Salvo Fire: WHILE FORTIFIED: Fire 3 shots with a spread.
    Q Mortar

    Fire an explosive projectile on a high, arcing path.

    Mortar Love: Mortar deals 25% more damage.
    Kaboom Box: On impact, creates a burning area for 4s.
    Bombardment: Increased range on Mortar.

    Impact Trigger: Mortar explodes and pushes on impact.
    Percussive Force: Mortar pushes enemies much farther.
    Speed Loader: WHILE FORTIFIED: cooldown is reduced by 33%.
    E Fortify

    Boosts your armor but immobilizes you. Tap again to unfortify and resume movement.

    Siege Mode: WHILE FORTIFIED: Gain a 500 HP shield.
    Shock Absorbers: Cannot be STUNNED, INTERRUPTED, LAUNCHED, or PUSHED while Fortified.
    Earth Mover: Fortifying/Unfortifying launches foes away and gain front Deflection (3s).

    Servo Boost: Fortifying/Unfortifying is 2x faster and has shorter cooldown (-6s).
    Recalibration: Fortifying gives you a 15% damage boost. (8s)
    Reciprocating Differential: Unfortifying gives you a 15% speed boost (6s) and restores 50 stamina.
    F S.W.A.R.M.

    Unleash a barrage of homing missiles.

    Nigh Invulnerable: You take 90% less damage while performing [F].

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    HK-206 Skins

    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven