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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.

    Lord Knossos

    Attack: 9/10
    Defense: 6/10
    Mobility: 6/10
    Utility: 3/10

    At the battle's end, they offered Knossos the high lord's mantle, but he refused. "You honor me, and you honor the lineage that flows through my veins," he said. "But I cannot lead. I am not ready for the tribe, and the tribe is not ready for me."


    Brutal melee attack combo.

    Bruiser: Each hit in your combo does more damage than the previous one.
    Sharpened Horns: Landing 4 hits in a row boosts your damage by 25% for 15s.
    Seeing Red: After killing a foe with Skewer, you deal double damage for 5s.

    Pierce: WHILE SPRINTING: Your first attack causes bleeding (30 HP/s). (Costs 8 stamina.)
    Adding Assault to Injury: Against bleeding foes, Skewer causes more bleeding (50 HP/s).
    Overrun: WHILE SPRINTING: Your first attack also breaks armor. (4s)

    Throw a spear.

    Heavy Barrel: HOLD: When fully charged, Chuck causes bleeding for 4s but has +3s cooldown.
    Kidney Shot: When fully charged, foes hit in the back take +150 damage.
    Skill Shot: Hitting with a fully charged shot gives a damage bonus for 5 seconds.

    Torus: Ground Target: Falling spears that slow enemies for 3s. (+12s cooldown)
    Immobilizing Torus: Torus immobilizes enemies for 1s before slowing them.
    Shattered: No longer slows, instead breaks armor and causes bleeding. (4s)
    Q Gore

    Melee attack that interrupts enemies on hit.

    Goring Up: On hit, launches enemies.
    More Gore: On hit, also launches enemies in a small AOE around your target.
    Refreshing Gore: During Bull Rush, hitting with Gore refreshes its duration.

    Bulldoze: Tap again for a powerful second attack. (+5s cooldown)
    Initiating Gore: Hitting an enemy who has more than 75% health gives a damage bonus for 3s.
    Focus on the Kill: Killing an enemy with this skill grants a full Focus charge.
    E Bull Rush

    Increases movement speed for 5s.

    Mighty Yawp: Gain 2.5% Focus for each hero affected by Bull Rush (including Lord Knossos).
    Raging Bull: Increases damage by 15% for you and nearby allies.
    Long Running: You and nearby allies move 10% faster for an additional 15s.

    Major Beef: Gives you +400 health for 5s.
    Thick Skinned: Gives an additional +200 health.
    Interrupting Cow: On use, interrupts enemies in front of you.
    F Labyrinth

    Interrupt, bleed, and armor break all nearby enemies. (4/5/6s)

    Nigh Invulnerable: You take 90% less damage while performing Labyrinth.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Lord Knossos Skins

    Chief TBD
    Gladiator TBD
    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven