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    Attack: 8/10
    Defense: 4/10
    Mobility: 6/10
    Utility: 6/10

    The recipe for a troublemaker like Mozu is appallingly simple. Just mix a modicum of magical training with a penchant for mischief and a flexible definition of ownership. — Sage-Instructor Jellathir, House Devaedra

    Magic Bolt

    HOLD: Unleash magic bolts. Attack rate increases as you hold.

    Arcane Guidance: Magic Bolt acquires and tracks enemies more easily.
    Run and Hit: After using Dimension Door, Magic Bolt powers up instantly.
    Omega Bolt: If Magic Bolt ends fully charged, fire a powerful final blast.

    Magic Shell: While powering up Magic Bolt, you take 50% less damage from the front.
    Deflecting Shield: Magic Shell also deflects up to 3 projectiles from the front.
    Magic Dome: While in your Vortex, Magic Shell gives nearby allies 25% damage reduction.
    Attractor Beam

    Beam attack that slows enemies.

    Cantrip of Disruption: Slight delay before casting, interrupts on start. Deals 10x damage.
    Enervation Effect: Attractor Beam reduces your target's outgoing damage by 25%.
    Feedback: If you interrupt an attack, deal 150 extra damage and reduce cooldown. (-3s)

    Channel Selector: Fires Magic Bolts while using Attractor Beam.
    Renewed Attraction: If your Attractor Beam target dies, this skill recharges instantly.
    Drawn to Life: Attractor Beam's slow is 2x as effective against targets below 33% health.
    Q Arcane Vortex

    Create a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles. Lasts 5s.

    Reverse Polarity: Your Vortex reflects enemy projectiles.
    True Strike: Magic Bolts that hit your Vortex redirect toward enemies.
    Warp Factor: Allies passing through your Vortex gain Haste. (5s)

    Induction Field: Range increased. On creation, pull one nearby foe into the Vortex. (+5s cooldown)
    Diffraction: Hitting an enemy in your Vortex extends Attractor Beam to nearby enemies.
    Confusion: Enemies that exit your Vortex become Dazed for 1s.
    E Dimension Door

    Teleport to target location.

    Temporal Discontinuity: When you use Dimension Door, all your other skills recharge.
    Dimensional Rift: Damage enemies at both your source and destination.
    Open to Offense: After teleporting, you deal 25% more damage for 5s.

    Seek Shelter: HOLD: Teleport to your nearest allied hero. (Longer cast time)
    Give Shelter: Teleporting to a hurt ally gives them armor and projectile deflection. (3s)
    Knock, Knock: When you use Dimension Door, enemies near your destination are stunned.
    F Death Ray

    Deadly beam attack that also slows enemies. Hits more targets per focus charge. (2/3/5)

    Nigh Invulnerable: You take 90% less damage while performing Death Ray.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Mozu Skins

    Battlemage TBD
    Doom TBD

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