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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 5/10
    Defense: 7/10
    Mobility: 4/10
    Utility: 5/10

    Frosty Swipes

    Melee attack combo.

    Defensive Swings: +5 Armor for each successful attack. (lasts 3s, maximum +20 armor)
    Cold and Frail: Hitting frozen enemies weakens them. (3s)
    Cold Remedy: Hitting frozen enemies heals Frosty. (100hp/s)

    Cold Kit Combo: After using any other skill, Frosty Swipes deals +50% damage on its next attack (within 3 seconds).
    Extra Sauce: Cold Kit Combo deals double damage against frozen enemies.
    Ice Breaker: Cold Kit Combo cracks against frozen enemies. (3s)
    Snowball Toss

    Throw snowball which explodes and traps enemies in ice (Stun + Freeze). Hold to charge.

    Stick It To 'Em: Direct hits deal more damage and the explosion happens sooner.
    Shattered: Direct hits explode immediately on impact.
    Ice Ball: Direct hits freeze enemies for longer on explosion. (4s)

    Size Matters: If fully charged, affects a bigger radius but takes longer to explode.
    Let's Chill Together: If fully charged, damage is increased for each enemy caught in the explosion.
    Group Benefits: If fully charged, cooldown is reduced by 1s for each enemy hit.
    Q Slip and Slide

    Hold to slide on the ground. Tap again: Melee hit, freezes and pushes enemies.

    Safety First: While sliding, gain +50 armor and health over time (100hp/s)
    Stay Healthy: Hitting an enemy extends the armor and health gain. (2s)
    Uninhibited: Immune to slow and immmobilize while sliding.

    Belly Flop: Double tap to smash the ground, dealing damage in an AOE.
    Forceful Impact: Belly Flop interrupts on hit.
    Play Nice: Belly Flop weakens enemies on hit. (3s)
    E Frost Path

    Create a path of ice directly in front of you. Enemies on the path are frozen, allies are hasted.

    Extended Path: Frost Path extends further.
    Path of Quickness: Allies move even faster when on the Frost Path.
    Frosty Trail: After leaving the Frost Path, you leave behind a smaller trail of Frost for 3 seconds.

    Frostbite: Enemy slow is intensified the longer they stay on the Frost Path.
    Redistribution of Health: For each enemy on the path, Frosty is healed for 75 health per second.
    Frosted Over: Frostbite happens faster.
    F Snow Fort

    Create an AOE that freezes enemies. While inside: you heal over time and Frosty Swipes throws snowballs. (6s/8s/10s)

    Safe At Home: While in your fort, gain +20 armor.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Pakko Skins

    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven