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    The Margrave

    Attack: 5/10
    Defense: 10/10
    Mobility: 5/10
    Utility: 4/10

    They cheered the Margrave's victory over the demon, but the cheers turned to gasps when they saw the Margrave's missing hand. Then the gasps turned to cries of horror as the Margrave ripped the forearm from the demon's corpse and grafted it into place.


    Powerful melee attack combo.

    Doom Strike: Demon Fist combo ends with a powerful final attack.
    Demon's Reach: Final attack hits a larger area and deals more damage when hitting multiple targets.
    Critical Blow: Final hit crit damage increased by 20%.

    Counter: DEMON FIST + DOWN: +80 armor. You interrupt and weaken attacking enemies. (Available once every 3s.)
    Resounding Counter: All nearby enemies are interrupted and weakened if Counter succeeds.
    Debilitating Blows: After Countering, Demon Fist hits extend weakness duration (2s).

    HOLD: Rapid attack; deflects projectiles from front. Slows your movement.

    Eternal Flame: You can Hellburst for twice as long. (6s)
    Give 'Em Hell: Reflect projectiles back at their source. Gain focus when you reflect.
    Impenetrable Flame: Additional armor vs Melee.

    Burst of Damage: Hellburst does not slow you down and deals more damage. No longer deflects.
    Mayhem: Hellburst dramatically increases crit chance.
    Nowhere to Run: Slows enemies hit in the back.
    Q Charge

    Rush forward quickly, interrupting enemies you hit.

    Rush In Attack: Press again for a strike that interrupts.
    Throwback Attack: Rush In Attack tosses enemies behind you if it hits.
    Flaming Fist: Rush In Attack also creates a cone of flame that ignites enemies.

    Relentless: Press again to rush forward a second time. (2x cooldown)
    Pure Aggression: Remove debuffs from yourself and nearby allies when you activate Charge Forth.
    Irrestible Charge: Increased armor. Cannot be pushed, interrupted, or stunned.
    E Leap

    Leaping attack that interrupts.

    Blunt Trauma: Enemies hit by leap are stunned.
    Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Enemies struck by your leap are also slowed for 5s.
    Bonecrusher: Stun lasts longer, but you are weakened for 3s.

    Chopper: Leap travels farther and deals more damage.
    Leap Before You Look: You can use Leap more often. (Cooldown -8s)
    Battle Cry: Leaping gives you +50 armor for 5s.
    F Smash

    Create a shockwave that launches enemies upward.

    Pound of Armor: For each enemy hit, gain +20 armor for 5s.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    The Margrave Skins

    Demon TBD
    Knight TBD

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