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    Attack: 10/10
    Defense: 2/10
    Mobility: 9/10
    Utility: 2/10

    Tripp is supposed to be the living incarnation of lightning, yet the world knows only her exploits as a thief and assassin. Is she rebelling against her heritage, or is there a subtle plan at work? — The Laughing Cowl, House Melkior

    Lightning Strikes

    Lightning-fast melee attacks.

    Power Surge: Damage increases by +8% when you hit a foe in the back or side. (Max 40%, lasts 3s)
    Full Charge: Maxing out Power Surge extends its duration to 10s.
    Lightning Quick: On hit, gain +25% movement speed. (3s)

    Shocking Blades: From stealth, Lightning Strikes interrupts, deals bonus damage and always crits.
    Assassin's Credo: Killing target hit by Shocking Blades within 3s lowers Flashdance's cooldown.
    Unseen Strike: From stealth, inflict Bleeding on foes below 50% health.
    Plasma Blades

    Throw daggers. Inflicts Bleeding for 5s.

    Hidden Daggers: HOLD: Throw more daggers. (Shorter cooldown if you throw fewer daggers.)
    Precision Blades: Your daggers can crit. Move at normal speed while throwing daggers.
    Hidden Killer: Plasma Blades do not break stealth.

    Marked for Death: Plasma Blades > Lightning Strikes for bonus damage. (Hit same target within 5s.)
    Shattering Blades: Plasma Blades > Lightning Strikes breaks armor. (4s)
    Grounding: Plasma Blades > Lightning Strikes slows and grounds. (3s)
    Q Electric Slide

    Glide forward rapidly. TAP AGAIN: Deadly kick that launches foes.

    Light Speed: Move farther and faster.
    Static Shield: Deflect projectiles from front. (3s duration)
    Phantom Slide: Slide does not break stealth. (Kick still does.)

    Heel Blade: Kick: Hitting raises crit chance to 100%.
    Chain Lightning: Kick attacks twice. (50% damage for second hit.)
    Rolling Thunder: Electric Slide sends out a wave that interrupts foes.
    E Flashdance

    You become invisible for 6s.

    Storm Surge: +25% move speed while invisible.
    In a Flash: Flashdance is instant and breaks launch and stun statuses.
    Flash Step: Targeted: On release, you teleport a short distance. Invis duration reduced to 3s.

    Starburst: On use, dazes nearby foes for 2s. (Flashdance takes longer to start.)
    Electrical Storm: On use, creates a damaging electrical area. (Lasts 3s)
    Disorienting Flash: On use, slows nearby foes for 3s.
    F Bladestorm

    HOLD: On release, teleport forward, stunning your target and rapidly hitting the area with lightning.

    In The Zone: On hit, raise your crit chance to 100%.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Tripp Skins

    Desert TBD
    Urban TBD

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