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    Tyto the Swift

    Attack: 7/10
    Defense: 5/10
    Mobility: 10/10
    Utility: 2/10

    What do I know about Tyto? Everything and nothing. I've got a million contradictory tales about a red-caped acrobat with a sword. Some tales are folklore, others propaganda...but Tyto doesn't stay in one place long enough for a story to stick. — Uthnan, House Karkaresh sage-historian


    Melee attack combo.

    Kith and Keen: Hits build crit chance and focus faster.
    Talon and Fang: When Fang is with you, Talon deals +15% additional damage.
    Synchronicity: You move farther and hit harder after using Fang.

    Windcutter: Talon sends out a projectile when you miss.
    Footwork: Move farther when you attack.
    Feint: After dodging, Talon crits and inflicts bleeding. (Once every 5s.)

    Powerful leaping attack.

    Cut Down: Swoop inflicts 2x damage on targets below 50% health.
    Predatory Instincts: Killing an enemy with Swoop resets its cooldown.
    Rake: Inflicts a heavy bleed on targets above 50% health.

    Swoop de Loop: You can use Swoop twice in a row. You no longer attack on landing.
    Catch the Wind: Move 33% faster for 5s after the second Swoop.
    Shake It Off: Swoop can be used to break free from being stunned or launched.
    Q Blade Dance

    Spinning attack that lets you move quickly.

    Cyclone: Radius you hit is 50% larger. Deals more damage.
    Deadly Dance: Blade Dance inflicts bleeding on hit (3s). Bleed stacks up to 10 times. (5 to 50 HP/s)
    Burden of Prey: Applies Cripple to enemies hit. (Slow + Grounded)

    Windborne: Blade Dance no longer drains stamina. You move faster.
    Hard Target: During Blade Dance, deflect projectiles from the front.
    Windswept: The cooldown for Blade Dance is set to 6s and increases each time an enemy is hit.
    E Fang

    Send out your pet to attack. Bleeds target for 5s.

    Pounce: On hit, Fang deals 200 armor-ignoring damage.
    Gnawing Out: On hit, Fang breaks target's armor. (6s)
    Ankle Biter: Fang slows enemies he is attacking. (4s)

    Unity: PRESS AGAIN: Appear at Fang's target. (Fang stops attacking.)
    Celerity: When you teleport, gain Haste (3s).
    Disruption: When you teleport, interrupt Fang's target.
    F Blur

    Rush forward in a blur, bleeding all enemies you pass.

    Line 'Em Up: For each enemy hit by Blur, damage is increased by 50 (Maximum +100 damage).

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Tyto the Swift Skins

    Polar TBD
    Sunbird TBD

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