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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 4/10
    Defense: 7/10
    Mobility: 4/10
    Utility: 9/10

    I find you guilty of conspiring with the enemy, provoking a futile conflict..." [Glowing beams transfix the fugitive.] "...and attempted flight to avoid justice. I'd pronounce the sentence, but you're no longer in a condition to hear it. — Vadasi

    Ray of Judgment

    HOLD: Beam. Hurts foes and heals allies. WITH ORBS: Uses an Orb for more power.

    Succour: WITH ORBS: Each orb increases healing more.
    Righteous Defenses: WITH ORBS: +20 armor for allies targeted by Ray of Judgment.
    Swift Deliverance: +15% movement speed while healing.

    Determination: 50% armor penetration. WITH ORBS: +25 front armor when hitting foes.
    Overload: Deals extra damage vs Burning foes.
    Keen Judgment: +20% crit damage. Healing increases crit chance.

    Fiery projectile. WITH ORBS: Uses an Orb and causes Burning for 4s.

    Flameseeker: Smite fireball moves faster and has longer range.
    Guilt By Association: WITH ORBS: Enemies near your target are also set on fire.
    High Heat: WITH ORBS: Deals more damage on impact.

    Fan the Flames: Smite sends out a spread of projectiles that pass through enemies.
    Purifying Flame: WITH ORBS: Hitting allies grants them debuff immunity. (2s)
    Meltdown: WITH ORBS: Breaks struck foe's armor. (4s)
    Q Divine Wind

    You regenerate health. WITH ORBS: Uses all Orbs. Increases regen amount.

    Divine Protection: On use, gain +10 armor for each Spirit Orb. (6s)
    Shearing Winds: During Divine Wind, nearby enemies take damage each second.
    Majesty: WITH ORBS: When you activate Divine Wind, nearby enemies are interrupted.

    Uplifting Chorus: WITH ORBS: Increases move speed for 3s.
    Cleansing Wind: WITH ORBS: When you activate Divine Wind, you lose all debuffs.
    Gust: When you activate Divine Wind, adjacent enemies are pushed away.
    E Devotion

    HOLD: Create Spirit Orbs (Max 2). Orbs gradually drain health.

    Burning Shame: On use, enemies near you are set on fire for 4.5s.
    Holy Wrath: For 6s, allies near you have increased crit chance.
    Sanctuary: For 6s, allies near you gain +25 armor.

    Purifying Ritual: On use, you lose all debuffs.
    Contemplate the Void: On use, if initiated below 50% health, you gain 15% focus.
    Divine Renewal: -4s cooldown for Devotion. WITH ORBS: Recharge Divine Wind.
    F Armor of Faith

    You are immune to damage. (4s/6s/8s)

    Renewal of Faith: Activating Armor of Faith resets all your skill cooldowns.

    Who Wants To Live Forever?: Armor of Faith gives you health regen.

    Vadasi Skins

    Vindicator TBD
    Winged TBD
    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven