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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 5/10
    Defense: 5/10
    Mobility: 7/10
    Utility: 7/10

    The forest-lord Voden is as old as the ancient banyan, yet as new as the morning dew. He lives for the wild hunt, and his prey is anything that would despoil the wilderness.


    Fire an arrow. HOLD to power up.

    Dead Eye: When powered up, your shots deal extra damage.
    Bow Flex: Your shots power up faster.
    Splintering Arrows: When powered up, inflicts bleed on hit, even if target is deflecting (5 damage/s, 8s).

    Triple Threat: Fire additional arrows if you power up your shot.
    Ambush: Powered up shots that hit enemies in the back/side applies Slow. (3s)
    Piercing Arrows: Powered up shots pierce through enemies.
    Poison Spores

    Create a poison cloud which lasts 8s. Stand in the cloud to fire poisonous arrows.

    More Spores: Poison cloud lasts longer (10s) and covers a larger area.
    Virulence: Poison deals more damage to enemies inside your poison cloud.
    Contagion: Poisoned enemies infect their allies with poison.

    Seeking Spores: Your poison cloud flies forward, exploding on impact and poisoning enemies hit. (4s)
    Hungry Spores: Your poison cloud moves faster and chases enemies.
    Acute Poison: Direct hits deal increased damage on hit. (+150)
    Q Green Man

    Create a decoy copy of yourself that attacks enemies with Arrowed. (30% damage)

    Companion's Boon: Your decoy deals double damage.
    Spore Imitation: Your decoy will also fire homing poison clouds at your enemies.
    Spring to Life: Your decoy will also create healing springs at its feet.

    A Ways Away: Create your decoy at target location (up to 20m away).
    Alternate Root: After 3 seconds, [Q] again to swap positions with your decoy (Up to 25m away).
    Leaf No Trace: On use, you become invisible for 2s.
    E Hidden Spring

    Zone: Gives health regeneration to allies. Lasts 6s.

    Well Wishes: On use, create a second Spring at target location. Spring heals for 50% more.
    Recovery Time: Healing from the Spring lasts for an extra 3s.
    Spring Cleaning: Spring removes conditions on start.

    Geyser: Allies in the spring gain super jump.
    Burst Forth: Slows enemies who enter the spring, launches enemies on start.
    Refreshment: On use, you gain 50 stamina.
    F Natural Roots

    Fire an arrow that immobilizes all foes in the area. (3s/4s/5s)

    Nature's Wrath: Also breaks target's armor. 20/35/50

    Renewed Focus: On use, resets all your skill cooldowns.

    Voden Skins

    Elder TBD
    Outcast TBD
    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven