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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 7/10
    Defense: 5/10
    Mobility: 8/10
    Utility: 4/10

    At the juncture of brashness and serenity, passion and calm, fury and skill...there is Wu. His training encourages him to leave emotions behind, but he treats every battle as a joyous celebration. — Blau-Grau of the 12 Monks

    Rain of Blows

    Rapid melee attack combo.

    Flowing Fist: Deals more damage after hitting with any other skill.
    Rupture: Inflict bleeding vs. stunned, launched, dazed or interrupted foes. (3s)
    Flowing Stance: After Flowing Fist, each strike gives you +10 armor. (3s, stacks up to 3 times)

    Cyclone Kick: SPRINT+RAIN OF BLOWS: Your attack interrupts and deals more damage. (Once every 6s.)
    Hop To It: SPRINT+RAIN OF BLOWS: Gain +25% damage for 6s if you interrupt an attack.
    Recycling Center: Dodging gives you +25% speed/+25 front armor for 3s and clears cooldown for Cyclone Kick. (Once every 3s.)
    Splash Kick

    Rising kick that pushes enemies. AGAIN: Powerful downward kick.

    Burst The Dam: Downward Kick breaks target's armor. (3s)
    Splashdown: Downward Kick slows your target. (3s)
    Down With Authority: Downward Kick deals bonus damage to bleeding or poisoned enemies. (+150)

    Boundless Energy: When you land, cooldown is reduced to 1s if you have stamina and did not perform Downward Kick.
    Rising Tide: After Crashing Waves, Splash Kick launches foes.
    Ride the Rapids: After Tongue Lashing, Splash Kick grants deflection (3s) and speed boost (5s).
    Q Crashing Waves

    Two attacks. Second attack interrupts.

    Intercepting Fist: Weaken enemies on hit (50% damage for 5s).
    Temple Strike: Second strike stuns. (+4s cooldown)
    Dim Mak: Hitting raises your crit chance to 100%.

    Rushing Water: Second attack is replaced with a roll forward. Pushes enemies on bump.
    Splash of Least Resistance: Recharges Splash Kick if Crashing Waves does not bump an enemy.
    Fluid Reactions: During Crashing Waves, gain projectile deflection and 80 armor, but move slower.
    E Tongue Lashing

    Pull one enemy toward you.

    Barbed Tongue: Tongue Lashing deals double damage and raises your crit chance.
    Poisoned Tongue: Enemies struck by Tongue Lashing are poisoned. (5s)
    Taste for Blood: Hitting with Tongue Lashing gives health regeneration.

    Whet Your Appetite: On hit, Splash Kick and Crashing Waves recharge. (+10s Tongue Lashing cooldown.)
    Whiplash: Tongue Lashing > Splash Kick: Splash Kick dazes for 2s.
    Wave Goodbye: Tongue Lashing > Crashing Waves: Crashing Waves' first strike launches. (+4s Crashing Waves cooldown.)
    F Typhoon's Fury

    Charging uppercut that launches and deals high damage.

    Nigh Invulnerable: You take 90% less damage while performing Typhoon's Fury.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Wu Skins

    Ninja TBD
    Punk TBD
    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven