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  • Look out! Gigantic is still in beta.

    These abilities, upgrades, and stats may change before the game launches.


    Attack: 4/10
    Defense: 5/10
    Mobility: 4/10
    Utility: 10/10

    Prized pupil of Devaedra herself, Xenobia emerged from the maelstrom with her mind, her pride, and her ambition intact. The physical changes...those were merely the price of power, Xenobia mused, and perhaps they could even be appreciated in time.

    Gaze of Envy

    Hold down to drain enemy's health and heal yourself.

    Greedy Gaze: You gain more health from Gaze of Envy.
    Survival of the Cruelest: You gain 50% more health when you health is below 50%.
    Domineering Gaze: When you are above 50% health, you deal more damage.

    Withering Gaze: While attached, Gaze of Envy inflicts Weakness. (-20% damage, 1s)
    Sap Strength: Weakness from Gaze of Envy is more potent and lasts longer. (-60% damage, 3s)
    Siphon Strength: Allies near your target gain +25% damage for 1s.
    Words of Spite

    A curse that reduces enemy armor.

    Feast of Spite: On hit, steals 100 health from the enemy.
    Echo of Spite: Bounces to 2 additional targets.
    Demoralizing Cry: On hit, drains move speed from the enemy. (Slows enemy, haste self, 2s)

    Screaming Halt: On hit, immobilizes the enemy for 2s. (+10s cooldown)
    Word Travels: Words of Spite has increased range.
    Cutting Words: If the enemy is affected by Mark of Despair, causes bleeding. (300 over 3s)
    Q Wall of Sorrow

    Send a wave that damages and interrupts enemies.

    Sorrow's Wake: Wave of Sorrow moves through enemies.
    Tears of Unfathomable Sadness: Wave of Sorrow heals 75hp from each enemy hit.
    Intense Sorrow: Weakness strength is tripled, but does not push as far.

    Banishing Sorrow: Wave of Sorrow launches on hit.
    Heightened Sorrow: Launches enemies higher and further.
    Mark of Sorrow: If the enemy is affected by Mark of Despair, deals +200 damage.
    E Mark of Despair

    Create a zone that slows enemy movement and reduces the damage they inflict.

    Depths of Despair: Mark of Despair affects a larger area.
    Toxic Relationship: Enemies within Mark of Despair cannot be healed.
    Conduit of Despair: Enemies inside give more health to Xenobia from all other abilities.

    Building Anguish: 1.5s delay before starting. On start, Mark of Despair deals damage.
    Burning Despair: Enemies inside Mark of Despair are set on fire.
    Revel in Anguish: Hitting an enemy grants Xenobia +25% damage for 3s.
    F Cursed Soul

    Siphons life to allies near target. More focus means more enemies hit.

    Extended Curse: Increases the duration of Cursed Soul by 2s.

    Resurgence: On use, you regain stamina.

    Xenobia Skins

    Blood TBD
    Manta TBD
    Lord Knossos
    The Margrave
    Tyto the Swift
    Uncle Sven