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  • Gigantic patch 5.1 is now live in game. Let's breakdown what's been updated with this patch!

    Bug fixes

    Some heroes were occasionally being shown as priced at 10,000 and 9,999, instead of their actual costs. This has now been corrected. Various localisation tweaks have also been implemented. One of HK-206's fortune cards incorrectly listed Lord Knossos instead; this has been fixed.

    Fortune cards

    The "Reach level 10 with X hero" cards have been replaced with cards that say, "Earn Y experience with X hero". Earning experience towards these cards is easy as exp gains accumulate across matches.

    • Normal cards require 30,000 experience
    • Rare cards require 60,000 experience
    • Legendary cards require 90,000 experience

    Balance changes


    Beckett's cannon has seen further changes. Her second upgrade path for the cannon now focuses on short range flame strikes, setting enemies ablaze for damage over time.

    • Flame Cannon (Q/LB): Cannon shots set enemies on fire, but have reduced range. (3s)
    • After Burner upgrade: Flame Cannon shots pierce through enemies, burning all enemies on hit.
    • Burn Radius upgrade: Flame Cannon shots explode on impact, burning all enemies caught in the explosion.


    • Swapped the Make it Rain Fire upgrade with the Time of Impact upgrade. The functionality of both upgrades is unchanged.


    • Reduced the stun on the Blunt Trauma upgrade from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
    • Reduced the stun on the Bonecrusher upgrade from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


    • Reduced the maximum range of the projectiles created by the Flameseeker upgrade by 55%.
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