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  • For a long time now, things have been quiet on the Gigantic front — we had all heard about developer Motiga laying off jobs, and many feared the worst for our fave game.

    However, Motiga have just made a major announcement: They're working with Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) as their publishers, ensuring the release and support of Gigantic moving forward!

    PWE — the publishers behind games like Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and of course Perfect World International — will be bringing Gigantic to its Arc platform and expanding the game to be played across all modern versions of Windows instead of just Windows 10.

    Motiga's partnership with Microsoft continues, and crossplay will still be an opt-in for Windows 10 and XBox One players; pc gamers will be able to choose between playing on Arc servers (playing with users across all Windows versions) and XBox servers (playing with users on Windows 10 and XBox One). We don't yet know how this playerbase fracturing will impact gameplay or queue times.

    Patiently waiting for your chance to get back into some matches? Motiga and PWE have stated that they're working towards an early-mid summer weekend beta test, and will be consider a public beta at a later stage.

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