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  • Great news for streamers, YouTubers and other content creators — the NDA restricting Gigantic gameplay media has finally dropped!

    This means that you are free to share screenshots, videos, and live streamed gameplay of Gigantic with all. We'll be making good use of the NDA drop to begin work on our Hero Masterclass video series, where we'll go over best practices and gameplay tips for each hero.

    Go forth, and share your best moments with the world!

    GGRock updated!


    January 26, 2016 0

    With the new Gigantic beta going live, there have been tons of new game updates — and we've got them all right here on GGRock!

    Check out new hero Beckett, who wields dual machine pistols, cannon, and grenades to great effect.

    New creatures are also available to try out: The Autumn Bloomer, Stone Cerberus, and Yeti Cyclops all await your summon.

    All heroes have been fleshed out with five passives to choose from as they hit levels 3, 5, 7 and 9 in matches.

    These passives vary and are partially shared based on their traits — all fury heroes share a column of passives, for example — so players who prefer a particular role or type of hero will easily find themselves at home on various heroes of that type.

    We list the two traits for each hero on their individual hero pages, in the top right corner of their profiles.

    If you've already been writing guides here on GGRock, whether live or as drafts, you'll need to update them with the new passives.

    It's been quiet on the Gigantic front for a while now, but don't let that fool you — Motiga have been hard at work developing a much more advanced version of the game, and the latest beta build is set to be released shortly!

    There are a lot of changes in the new version, so let's do a run-down.

    XBox One

    XBox players will now also be able to join the Gigantic beta testing alongside PC players. Furthermore cross-play is enabled in the new build, meaning XBox and PC players can play side by side in the same matches!


    Players will now be able to form parties with others, enabling friends to more easily enjoy games together and helping aspiring professional teams practice.

    Logging in

    With the new build utilising XBox cross-play, players will now log into the game with their XBox Live account instead of their previous Gigantic account. Those of you who currently have access to the game will be receiving an email soon with access keys to use to grab the game. Anyone with access can play on either XBox or PC as they wish.

    If you're a PC player and don't have an XBox Live account, here's how to quickly set one up:

    Also noteworthy is that Gigantic servers will now be online 24/7, meaning you'll be able to jump into action any time.

    New hero

    Motiga have teased that a new hero is also on their way! We'll have their full information on our heroes page as soon as the new client is available for us to comb through.

    Gigantic AMA


    December 22, 2015 0

    Over the holidays Motiga hosted a Reddit AMA, letting fans and players submit all sorts of questions — some serious, some silly — for the developers and support teams to answer.

    Want to know when players can party up, how the ongoing NDA has impacted Gigantic's development (for better or worse), or whether merchandise is ever coming?

    Head over to the full Q&A on the Gigantic site to find out!

    With the recent announcement of Motiga's decision to postpone the launch of Gigantic in order to flesh out the game as much as possible, Gigantic will now be released sometime in 2016 instead of a Q4 2015 or Q1 2016 launch date.

    Beta playtesting has now been closed off for the holiday season, and we're not sure when they're opening back up — but we'd assume to see them return mid-late January, or early February.

    Enjoy the holidays, and don't fret: you'll be able to jump back into Gigantic before you know it.

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